Saturday, November 28, 2009


Ytd was the best birthday i had in recent years mainly reason was becos of u dear
The day started off with a sumptuous meal of Dim Sum at Dragon Gate Restaurant
with my family and her the food was really good all of us enjoyed it alot bt didn't get
to eat what i really wanted was abit abit disappointed. Dear bought a wallet from Wallet Shop for me like the wallet alot!!! Thanks my DEAR ^_^

Than after my family went home me and dear went window shopping at vivo..and we
went to eat Ben and Jerry to our disappointment the double waffle ice-cream we ordered was bad problem lies with the waffle it taste sour right at the end and so
we went to ask them about the problem and they gave us a new waffle to try and said
if there was any more problem they would refund us our money and so sadly in the
end the problem wasn't solved and we gt back our money

Next up was the movie we wanted to watch Ninja Assasin bt the seats left at GV Vivo
was very little so we ordered tickets at plaza sing there and went down Movie was Awesome
Abit Gross bt fake though.. Liked The Actions Alot And Rain Body Was Awesome!!
(Although he looks more handsome with his sunglasses on..XD)

After the movie we went swensens for dinner and had a wonderful meal...
To end off the day i went to Cheers and bought a Barcardi to show that i am 18 already
LOLS bt actually hor i tink i already look cao lao enuff to buy them even before i officially turn 18.

Thanks to All People who have wished me happy birthday thank you all very much and a special
Thanks for ben who bought me a electronic shaver which i need very much. =D

Last but not least Thank You so Much Dear U made my Birthday this Year Special.
All that you have done will be Remembered, Appreciated and kept in my Heart Always. :)

The thought that counts...
at 2:33 AM

Monday, September 14, 2009


Its been really fun since the end of the exams...
Went to JB n Hang out alot with Dear
Finally got a Cordless Phone liao WOOTS!!
Can toke to her more conveniently le very happy
N ya most importantly I AM GETTING A NEW TV ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!
alas no need to see black n white tv liao so frustrating during the period of "RETRO" shows,
than gt the mood to play my ps2 again le yeah.
Dear met my Godmum le Very Happy Happy
than we got to know more about each other too this few days
I really feel very fortunate n blessed to have u by my side...
U have become a part of my life n U have taken a special place in my Heart...
U took alot of (1st Time) in my heart n i hope u will continue doing that...
Everytime we hug i really don"t bear to let you go...
Everytime you board the bus i feel like u are being taken away from me...
Everytime you smile i feel like i m the luckiest guy in the world...


Counting On The Days 31.08.09

The thought that counts...
at 10:33 AM

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


ya thats the two words that can only describe my feelings now bah
been like studying like quite last minute for BZE n EPL zzz i am damn damn
bloody scared man i get lousy grades i dunwan to disappoint any of the teachers
than super tired it has been quite long since my brain was forced to use such a big space XD
"Dear don't anyhow tink arh!!!! Nth to do with you."
Oh well its all over now must stay Positive!!! ^^
hahaha than today after epl paper 11 of us went to JB!
Layen,Sally,Ranjini,Sheng Ling,Christine,Christina,Cassandra(DEAR),Melvin,Eugene,Han Cheng and Me.
Went City Square to eat shop and walk walk the food part of the trip was not bad shopping also not bad
quite alot of stuff to see there bt more importantly gt dear u there with me =D.
Was also quite a fruitful trip for most of them except me and melvin he suay laa gt shirt he want
bt than no size zzz than for me neh gt shoe i want bt too expensive hais Sad Sad
oh well suan le... Bt Overall it was real fun being tgt with a big bunch of friends going to JB
Bt i hope Benjamin n Jia Bin went too i tink it be more fun lo haha
(My First time going overseas with my Dear)
Treasure the time with all of them and most importantly her too :)

Dear I love you...

The thought that counts...
at 10:49 AM

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


wha its been like ages since i posted like 2 post in 2 days very long i tink
eh not even sure have anot sia aiya dunno laa nvm thats not the important point.
Today has been a fabulous day!!! really seriously no kidding hahaaha
I went to Supreme Court with whole class of friends and teacher....
learn quite a few fascinating stuff about the place was real cool and interesting
than after that we went to seoul garden to makan makan whole class! and we
had our form teacher as our Surprise G.O.H Guest Of Honour!
we showed him the present and cake we bought for him he was like so touched
almost cried bt didnt i tink so wasted! XD bt bt i tink tears welled up in his eye bah...
than after dinner session we went to a place and PHOTO TAKING SESSION was
so happening man... 300photos lo i tink gt more hahaha
took quite alot pictures with friends too bt tink all buang wan zzz lols
bt happy jiu hao le lah thats wat important to me..
It was such a great day in summary..

你是我的小蝴蝶 我是你的小阿飞。。^^

The thought that counts...
at 10:38 AM

Monday, August 31, 2009


alot of things happen recently,sad, happy and touching..
hope i can get my life in tip-top shape and remove all obstacle in my place..
i shall pass by trials in my life and grow stronger and more confident...
teacher day has just pass haha our class ca has receive our gift of sincerity
quite sad that he is not able to teach us anymore becoz he is getting promoted
to section head bt is happy for him at the same time a good teacher like him
deserves his break.
whole class gonna celebrate tmr with him haha secret 1
exams coming soon too gotta buck up step up n pull up my socks hahaa
last bt not least u.. u came into my life bringing a greater purpose and meaning
i wish we hold hand in hand creating many unforgettable memories..
I love U.....


The thought that counts...
at 8:05 AM

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The thought that counts...
at 2:52 AM

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Finally Back in school again which i dun really like...
after "1 week holiday" haha bt in actual fact is Quarantine laaa
becoz too many people in my class was sick and the school decides to stop school
for our class 1 week...
bt i was exceptional n lucky to be one of the odd ones out fine n well..
so staying at home play games lo chiong my restaurant city until LVL MAX
WAHAHAHAHAHA finally quite happy bah n i guess thats the 2nd good news in the whole of
my 1 week holiday.
Ya watched GI.JOE with my pesky brother on sun National Day his birthday
Movie was awesome man Loved The Action n The Technology!!! 4 Star to 4.5.
i tink thats about the good stuff that happened =D
other than all this it was quite boring liao slacking at home
becos money not enuff T_T stll owe my damn friend his birthday present
n saving $ now for my [Wanted Stuff]
So ya thats about it for my recent post till the next time

Seriously arh i Miss u Guys ^_^ LOLS

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at 4:59 AM

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